LHBMM Holding was founded in 2020 in order to attract under the same umbrella the business activities of the BARA Family, consisting of 11 companies with operations in 5 countries worldwide and having fields of activity in: commercial and residential real estate, spice processing and distribution, processing and distribution of walnuts and walnut products – dried seeds and fruits, wine cellar and online wine sales and IT investments.

The shareholders of the holding company are Levente Hugo BARA and Maria Mihaela BARA.

The company is led by Levente Hugo BARA – President of the Holding and Cosmin Contan – CFO, with over 20 years of experience in business and company development.


We deliver business performance through dedicated, professional people with high ethical qualities who believe in the importance of their work and in the success of the company.


To become reliable partners for our clients and to reach the annual objectives of the holding companies.



Through the process of continuous improvement we place special emphasis on employees, and we believe that a well-trained team appropriate for each job brings the greatest added value to the company, encouraging our people to put their ideas into practice through the idea collection programme, but also through the annual objectives of the departments and the company, we manage for all the employees to value their energy and knowledge, to learn and to develop continuously, of course, the efforts being rewarded by motivating remuneration schemes.


Sustainability is the mainstay of all our activities and is strongly anchored in our Values such as Respect and Common Prosperity, we know the importance of this concept so often used in the business world therefore all our investments are strongly anchored in sustainability both in terms of the raw materials of the spice factory in Indonesia, of the raw materials for walnut processing as well as in the real estate investments we make and in the constructions we execute.

The holding company also aims to invest in green energy; therefore, we have the objective that by 2025 all our processing plants will operate on green energy in a proportion of 75%.


One of our concerns is the social actions we undertake. We have 3 main axes on which we act: education, health and special needs. The social activities are coordinated by the Vice President of our holding company, Mrs. Maria Mihaela BARA. The activities include both the collaboration with various companies and direct searches and actions to those who need help. Our companies annually sponsor educational units, sports activities, medical units / hospitals, but also individuals with special needs or medical emergencies.


The holding company is constantly expanding, the main new projects are:

  • Investments in expanding the nutmeg and cinnamon processing capacity in Indonesia
  • Construction of a warehouse and factory for processing walnut in shell and a walnut fruit bar factory in Ciugud in the vicinity of the existing factory operating on green energy
  • The construction of Apulum Residence in Alba Iulia consisting of about 150 apartments with 1, 2 and 3 rooms, these homes will be energy optimized, being designed for green energy consumption through photovoltaic panels, solar thermal panels, common heating plant, exterior insulation with basalt wool and high efficiency heat transfer windows
  • The holding company aims to expand the portfolio of commercial premises in the main cities in Romania, especially in Bucharest and Cluj,
  • Investment in the catacombs of the Alba Carolina Fortress in a hall for aeging red and white wines in barriques, artisanal sparkling wine section, presentation tasting area and a modern kitchen to serve both the wine cellar for events and the summer terrace of the wine cellar.